100S Micro rings/loop hair 16inches Human Hair Extensions #27

16" Strawberry Blonde(#27) 100S Micro Loop Remy Human Hair Extensions


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0.4g/s 100 Strands
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* select color:Strawberry Blonde(#27)

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Type: Micro rings/loop hair
Color: #27
Texture: Straight
Qty: 100 strands

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16" Strawberry Blonde(#27) 100S Micro Loop Remy Human Hair Extensions
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16" Strawberry Blonde(#27) 100S Micro Loop Remy Human Hair Extensions
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  1. Alina
    So pretty!!!
    Posted on 24/04/2017
    This extension is beautiful! The curls in it are so perfect. Ordered the rose red to dark purple and it's a bit more like a pink-purple to a purple-blue, but it is a beautiful piece and I'm excited to wear it next weekend!
  2. Wendy
    Posted on 24/04/2017
    Shipment was fast, color matching was easy with the color wheel purchased, easy to put in, and matches Great.
  3. Amanda
    Posted on 24/04/2017
    They are amazing. these are far better than the high priced ones, even my hairdresser says there the best she has seen. The quality and amount of hair is fantastic, so soft. The clips are really comfortable and I have worn them every day without any problems. Thank you sooo much!
  4. ileana
    Added fullness!
    Posted on 06/02/2017
    I already have long hair, was just looking to add a bit of length& volume.... And that's exactly what I am able to achieve with this piece..... Worked well with my hair color & texture..... Everyone was surprised when I told them I was wearing a hair extension.... Great buy! Sooo inexpensive and works ! I've ordered other pieces on amazon and am enjoying wearing them to create different looks....
  5. johany valiente
    Posted on 30/04/2015
    There are just perfect!! it is 100% true human hair. Totally soft and smooth!1 and they are ready for use
  6. Jessica Moore
    good business
    Posted on 18/04/2015
    First of all, I dont think people realize when it comes to HAIR EXTENSIONS, you get what you pay for. For $23,these extensions are GOOD! Yes, they ARE thin, and i would recommend atleast TWO packs of hair, being as a full head of hair its recommended to use 100g of hair. I wear my hair curled and these extensions not only curl well, but hold the curl all day. I have had these since December and wear and style them daily and theyre still holding up. Will repurchase once needed. The only thing im not crazy about is the clips they use, but not that big of deal.
  7. Shauna Garnette
    Recommended Se...
    Posted on 02/09/2014
    Recommended Seller A++
  8. Jhawzy
    Good for the price
    Posted on 29/08/2014
    These were the first clip in extensions I ever bought. The hair is nice & blends very well! The color was dead on & the hair looks so real mixed with mine! The clips are okay, I have fine hair & I have to be careful where I place the wefts so that you can't see them poking out. The clips are a little on the large side. Overall the hair is good quality, very long & one pack is enough for my hair! These are perfect for those who want to try extensions and aren't sure if they will like them. Now that I've tried these I will be buying a higher quality set.
  9. Tuan Bui
    Great item....
    Posted on 28/08/2014
    Great item.
  10. Sweet Pareidolia
    i'll tell you how it really is
    Posted on 25/08/2014
    I wish you can give half star ratings but I can't. My real true rating would be 3.5 oppose to the whole 4 stars. Ill begin by saying I got the rose to purple hair extensions and they are indeed beautiful! And they stood true to their saying it did only take 1 week to arrive, from china to california so that is absolutely splended! So here's the problem I encountered with these extensions. But before I continue I wanted to state that I am a light skinned hispanic with natural black thick hair. So I ordered two of these extensions bc many other reviewers suggested to get 2 of them if u have thick hair.Here's the thing.... these extensions are both thick and thin.. ur probably wondering how could that be? Ok so here's the problem I thought these extensions would have been one piece of continual hair that is just dyed or fabricated to have the ombre effect. It isn't like that. Its actually two pieces of hair of two different colors stacked on top of each other. With that being said the extensions are very very thick at the top (bc its layered w/the 2 pieces of hair) and then very thin at the bottom (bc its only one piece of hair. When I wear both extensions my head is massively heavy and i have massive drag queen volume! So for me personally the 2nd extension is unnecessary ill probably never wear both at the same time unless im going to west hollywood to party w/my drag queens lol! (Which is highly unlikely)Next problem! Straightened or curled?let me tell u about this epic fail. Im not into curling my hair bc my hair is naturally curly and I actually usually rock a straight hair look everyday unless I feel like having my curly hair. Now this is how I encountered my next problem w/these extensins. My hair is around my mid back where my bra strap is and with these extensions curled (the way they arrived) u can't even see them! They are the same length as my hair! This defeated the purpose of these extensions if they aren't even going to show >_< wah!So I read u can straightened these things so since I have 2 extensions I figure why not! I have a chi hair straightener and I was scared to fry the extensions so I had it on 180 (lowest setting) and did quick passes on it until its straight and idk if any other ppl have this problem w/the chi it might just be me and the way I hold it or something but before I knew it I changed the dial and had been straightening my extension on heat 410 (highest) so its safe to say u can't melt these things bc mine didn't! Lmao not that I was trying to but it all just happened by accident. In any given case once I straighted the extension and straightened my own hair (bc it was in its wavy/curly form) I put the extension in only to find that now my extension is ridiculously long! -_- it was barely gracing my waist line and while I loved the long hair effect there's no way I would blend my hair to make it look like it was my hair bc of the massive length difference between my hair and the extension! There is a simple solution to this problem. Cut the straightened extension but I don't want to do that bc they are so pretty and majestic. So for now im just stumped at what on earth I should do. The only thing I haven't tried yet is actually curling my hair w/semi tight curls to see if then at that point my hair would be short enough to let the pink/purple hair show threw. Ill be posting photos soon bc photos are always helpful and they would've probably helped me steer clear of this purchase. Not that these were horrible, they just didn't work out for me. Ill stick to full on wigs. Hope this lengthy review helped!
Color Strawberry Blonde(#27)
Style straight
Length Range 16 Inches
Hair Extension Type micro loop
Brand Hairextensionsale
Unit Weight(g) 0.4g/s
Quantity 100 Strands
  • 10"
  • 12"
  • 14"
  • 16"
  • 18"
  • 20"
  • 22"
  • 24"
  • 26"
  • 10"
  • 12"
  • 14"
  • 16"
  • 18"
  • 20"
  • 22"
  • 24"
  • 26"
  • 10"
  • 12"
  • 14"
  • 16"
  • 18"
  • 20"
  • 22"
  • 24"
  • 26"
Length I need:
10" 12" 14" 16" 18" 20" 22" 24" 26"
Our hair length depends on the different hair textures you choose. The straight hair naturally falls longer because it lies completely flat when it's measured. We measure the length of our curly hair when it is in a straight position because it has more volume for the same weight. The length of our wavy hair texture lies in-between that of the straight and curly as you can see in the above picture.This guide will help you to determine where a length will fall when placed at the top of the head. The hair will fall even longer when placed at the nape area.
Our color ranges in all the popular hair colors listed below, which are all in stock and ready to ship in time. These colors list can accommodate 90% of our consumers. If you are still not sure about your hair color, you can order a color ring to see the entire range of colors we have for sure. We can also offer color customizing on all our products if you have special needs.

    Firstly you need clean, dry and straightened hair. And section off your hair about an inch from the nape of your neck. Remember - when installing these extensions, do not go right to the edge of your face. Leave about a cm on each side of each section of hair!

    This is a single micro loop hair extension. Usually it comes with the loop already attached.You pass a strand of hair through the clear loop and pull on the clear bead that's resting on my middle finger. Your hair gets pulled through the small brown bead, and then this bead is clamped.

    Pass the hair through the clear loop. Pass the hair through the clear loop. Pull the clear bead, and the strand of hair will be pulled through the brown bead. Easy!

    When applying be careful to leave a cm of space from the root. These extensions are too close to the root of the hair. When applying be careful to leave a cm of space from the root. If this happens, don't panic! Just undo, by gripping the bead with the pliers and squeeze the opposite way. Pull further down the hair and re-clamp the bead shut!

    These extensions are correctly installed with about a fingers width of space between the loop and the root.

    Leave another fingers width between each extension. With each new layer, you'll be building up the extensions. This is called brickwork, the spaces left from the bottom layer are filled by the top.

    The finished product! The day you install your extensions, you may have a slight headache from the weight of your new hair, but the headache goes and you soon get used to all the new hair!
To maintain your Micro Ring Hair Extensions, it is essential you observe the following instructions.
Some hair loss is normal – as with natural hair. Since a person’s average natural hair loss is between 50-150 hairs per day and a full head of human hair extensions covers approx. 1/3 of the head, you can expect to see a small quantity of naturally released hairs trapped in the attachments after some time. This is quite normal and should not be interpreted as hairs being pulled out of the scalp by the hair extensions themselves.Two weeks after your Glamour Collections Micro Ring Euorpean Remy hair extensions are installed, return to the salon for a check up appointment.
Washing your Hair Extensions
Your stylist will recommend suitable products for your new human hair extensions, or you can purchase hair care products for your human hair extensions online here. It is important that you do not use products with high silicone content as this may affect the attachments. You must used shampoos, conditions and styling products that have a Ph of 5.5. Do not use Protein based products, moisture based products are recommended. Too much Protein used on your European Remy hair extensions will cause them to go dry and brittle.
Do not use products that contain sulphur, such as dandruff shampoo.
Use alcohol free products.
Do not use serums near the ‘micro’ (metal) rings, use only on mid-lengths to ends of your hair extensions.
Tilt your head back and cleanse from the top of the head downwards. Avoid facing your head downwards. Gently massage shampoo into the scalp and hair being sure not to pull on the attachments. Rinse thoroughly and repeat if desired. Do not rub or scrub the hair extensions otherwise matting will occur.
When shampooing your Micro Ring human hair extensions mix some conditioner into your shampoo (about half and half) when applying on the mid lengths to ends only. Do not use conditioner near the attachments.
Apply conditioner to the length of your hair extensions, avoiding the root area, apply only to the mid-lengths and ends, comb through with your fingers until your human hair extensions feels tangle free. Rinse thoroughly. We recommend leaving your conditioner on for 5 minutes or longer if instructions on conditioner recommends longer.
We recommend a ritual conditioning treatment on the mid-lengths to ends of your hair extensions overnight once every 10-14 days. Your stylist will recommend a good conditioning treatment, or you can purchase European Remy human hair extension care products at our online store.
Do not comb or brush the hair while it is wet.
TIP: Try not to wash your human hair extensions too often, as the less your hair extensions are washed, the longer they will last. You can use Dry Shampoo in-between washes.
Drying your Hair Extensions
Do not dry with a scrubbing motion, but instead wrap hair with a towel to remove moisture. Always dry the base area (scalp area and ‘micro ring’ area where metal attachments are) thoroughly to avoid the bonds inside the micro rings breaking down. Gently remove any knots/tangles before drying.When using a blow dryer use low to medium heat, aim the heat/ air down the hair shaft starting at the root area moving towards the ends, gently moving the hair with your fingers until at least 50% dry then brushes may be introduced for styling. Use a cool shot near the attachments.
Sleeping in your Hair Extensions
Loosely plait your hair at night. Make sure your human hair extensions are completely dry before you go to sleep.
Always tie hair up before you go swimming or engaging in sports.
Chlorine or sea water will affect the hair extensions as it does your natural hair so it is important to shampoo and condition as directed after such activities. Sea water and swimming pool chemicals can cause the bond inside your micro rings to break down, to minimize these effects, prior to swimming, wet the hair extensions completely in the shower and after swimming, immediately rinse the hair and dry the base area.
Products containing Sulphurous substances (e. g thermal baths) will affect the attachments and therefore must be avoided.
Finishing products
Do not use products containing alcohol. When using waxes, gels or serums avoid contact with the attachments.
Brushing your Hair Extensions
Brush with a loop hair extension or soft bristle brush, 2-3 times a day, starting and the ends of your hair to remove any tangles working your way up. Use a wide tooth comb to remove tangles from the ends of your hair extensions.
Do not brush or comb in the area between the scalp and the ‘micro’ (metal) rings. Do not backcomb roots where the micro rings are attached.
Do not use uncovered plastic bands.
Note that your human hair extensions will last longer if you use bobby pins or a claw clip to keep your hair back, and hair ties/bands cause damage to your hair and the hair extensions.
You may find now that you have longer hair you notice more knotting in your hair. Your hair rubs on your clothes/back creating friction, which cause you hair to tangle.
Curling Iron.s/Hot Rollers
Curling irons and hot rollers may be used, but they must be kept at an adequate distance from the ‘micro’ (metal) rings. Although the hair extensions are real human hair they are not root-based and therefore do not receive the same nutrients and oils as your natural hair. Please be aware, the more you use heat on your hair extensions, the shorter the life-span of the human hair extensions. If you do use heat on your hair, use a low setting and apply a Thermal Protector and Shine Serum on it. Always ensure that your curling irons are clean, otherwise you will be ironing dirt and product build up into your hair extensions.
Colouring Hair Extensions
Colouring of your European Remy Micro ring hair extensions should only be done by a hair specialist who is experienced in colouring human hair extensions. A test strand must be completed before any colouring process is done, remembering that human hair extensions are chemically processed hair.
It is recommended that approximately every 6-8 weeks your hair extensions will be due for maintenance to prevent hair matting and to keep your micro ring extensions looking fresh. Maintenance can take anywhere for ½ hour to approximately 2 hours.

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