100S Stick Tip 18inches Human Hair Extensions #27

18" Strawberry Blonde(#27) 100S Stick Tip Remy Human Hair Extensions


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0.5g/s 100 Strands
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* select color:Strawberry Blonde(#27)

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Type: Stick Tip Hair
Color: #27
Length:18 inches
Texture: Straight
Qty: 100 strands

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18" Strawberry Blonde(#27) 100S Stick Tip Remy Human Hair Extensions
£ 39.95 New Available online
18" Strawberry Blonde(#27) 100S Stick Tip Remy Human Hair Extensions
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Willow Parrish Loves COCO REMY HAIR.
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  1. Whitney
    Better than expected
    Posted on 08/05/2017
    The hair piece is really shiny, which is the only reason I didn't give it five stars. That is a problem that can hopefully be fixed with a little baby powder though. Amazing customer service and the seller stayed in contact with me the entire time. Arrived in a timely manner, every one that is complaining about shipping time needs to understand that these come from overseas and that it is going to take time. The hair is really soft, maybe even softer than my own hair. I have thick hair so I ordered two just in case but one is more than enough! Those that are saying it doesn't fit from ear to ear, lower the place that you clip them in to where it meets each side, no big deal. The color is GORGEOUS. A little darker than my own but I can dye mine easily to match. The clips try to be a little fussy but if you clip them in slowly and one at a time, they are manageable and clip fine. They are a little heavy at first but after they have been in, you get used to it. Also, I actually straightened one of mine with a heat setting on 5 and it didn't burn and still looks perfect. Only a few pieces of hair came out during the opening, straightening, and combing process. Awesome deal for the price.
  2. Megan
    Posted on 10/04/2017
    just got mine today! i love them, dont get me wrong, but. they are kind of thing for being the 9 pcs. :(
  3. Leona
    Brand new,good color and the texture is high quality.
    Posted on 15/03/2017
    Brand new,good color and the texture is high quality.
  4. Monica
    worth it! nice for its price
    Posted on 03/01/2017
    pretty cute and cheap! recommend! you get a decent amount of hair and its wavy nice! great purchase! if you need fake hair this is the one
  5. Kelli
    Posted on 09/05/2015
    These extensions were great. I was skeptical at first because these seemed too good to be true, but as such a low price I thought it would be worth the gamble. I have purchased all of my extensions previous to these through Sally's and paid well over $120 for them. These are the exact same ones and a heck of a lot cheaper. I received them quickly and they matched my hair perfectly. I didn't think that they were too thin at all, exact same thickness as what I pay $120 for. Couldn't be happier and I have recomended them to several members of my friends an family.
  6. kach
    great product
    Posted on 31/03/2015
    At first I was skeptical to buy this hair extension since no one has written a review on it.I took a risk and bought.The shipping was fast I received it within 4 days iam in california and it came from louisiana.This is 100% real human hair no doubt about it.I bought a 14 and 16 inches true to measurement too.I saw this hair at a local beauty supply which was going for $125 per 4 oz glad to find it here at amazon even though its not 4oz but 3.5oz you need to buy 2 packs for the whole head to be covered great product and you wont be disappointed.I dont normally write reviews even though I have been an amazon customer for a long time but for this I said to myself i will write one to help those who arent sure is this is a real product.
  7. Isabelle Sabourin
    Posted on 12/09/2014
  8. Patricia Franklin
    Beautiful Hair
    Posted on 12/08/2014
    I do not like glue and sew in. I need to thicken my hair and this is perfect and simple way to do it. It is real.
  9. Bree
    Worth it
    Posted on 07/08/2014
    My use: I have a lot of hair already and I taper it into a V so the bottoms are thinner naturally, also my hair is armpit length . The addition of these extensions makes my hair fuller and a little bit longer too. For my hair, they work great to add volume and really give you that "look" of thick healthy hair; but they aren't long enough to give mid torso hair by any means. I found that adding the whole set to my hair looks great, and adding a few of them to a pony tail is awesome to fill it in (just apply the 3 clip to the back of your head, upside down before pulling up your pony.)Hair Quality: The hair is nice and silky. It smells a little weird before you wash it. I have washed mine once so far, and worn them twice. Curling them both times. They held up just fine (I used a heat protectant spray). As the other reviews say, they are thin at the bottom, but for me that was fine.Clips:The clips work fine, if you have trouble getting them to stay in your hair, you need to tease your roots first. That is going to be true of any extension, especially heavier ones than this.Color: I have medium brown hair with a good amount of red in it (especially the sun exposed parts) and I was worried to see that this looked a little darker, but the hair actually blended right in very very well. Doesn't hurt that slightly two tone hair is in right now too ;)Recommendation: These probably aren't the clips for someone with short hair who wants to look like they have long hair. But for some extra volume these are great. This was my first set of clip in extensions and I can tell you they left me shopping for LONGER, better quality hair extensions. That said, they are great for what they do.
  10. Glenda
    Did the job!!
    Posted on 01/08/2014
    The hair is really nice and soft. I already have long hair so I was just going for a fuller look when I wear it down. Looks great and stays in place. Luv it!
Color Strawberry Blonde(#27)
Style straight
Length Range 18 Inches
Brand Hairextensionsale
Unit Weight(g) 0.5g/s
Quantity 100 Strands
  • 10"
  • 12"
  • 14"
  • 16"
  • 18"
  • 20"
  • 22"
  • 24"
  • 26"
  • 10"
  • 12"
  • 14"
  • 16"
  • 18"
  • 20"
  • 22"
  • 24"
  • 26"
  • 10"
  • 12"
  • 14"
  • 16"
  • 18"
  • 20"
  • 22"
  • 24"
  • 26"
Length I need:
10" 12" 14" 16" 18" 20" 22" 24" 26"
Our hair length depends on the different hair textures you choose. The straight hair naturally falls longer because it lies completely flat when it's measured. We measure the length of our curly hair when it is in a straight position because it has more volume for the same weight. The length of our wavy hair texture lies in-between that of the straight and curly as you can see in the above picture.This guide will help you to determine where a length will fall when placed at the top of the head. The hair will fall even longer when placed at the nape area.
Our color ranges in all the popular hair colors listed below, which are all in stock and ready to ship in time. These colors list can accommodate 90% of our consumers. If you are still not sure about your hair color, you can order a color ring to see the entire range of colors we have for sure. We can also offer color customizing on all our products if you have special needs.

    Clarify your client’s hair. We recommend washing two times. Scrub well. In this process, you want to remove any oils and conditioners and products from the client’s hair. If there is any residue on the hair, you can jeopardize the life of the bond, or worse, keep the bond from attaching at all. Be sure your client has completely CLEAN hair.

    Dry your client’s hair. You may want to have them sit under a hood dryer if you have any other prepping to finish (taking hair out of packages, turn on your applicator tool.) Do not comb through your client’s hair prior to drying, it will be very tangled from the clarifier and you could damage the hair or even worse, hurt your client! Dry thoroughly then comb through.

    Smooth and Flat Iron your client’s hair. Especially if your client has curly hair! This is important to tame the hair and allow for the easiest application process.

    Make your first section around the parameter of your client’s head from the nape around to the temples. Leave 2 fingers space of hair for covering the bonds. You will want to use your sectioning clips to hold the hair on top of the head and the banana clips to hold the hair close above the section you are working on.

    Make your first strand section. Using your sectioning/protector guard, make your attachment section. You want to match the section of hair to the size of the tip. Don’t take too much hair because it won’t all hold in the bond. Don’t take too little hair because it could pull out of the client’s scalp which could lead to bumps and bald patched on your client’s head.
    After determining the proper section size, check for any fly away and cross hairs. With your even section in one hand, place the tip under the section, between your fingers. You want the bond to be attached about 1-2 tip lengths from the scalp. Holding the hair just below the bond, use you applicator tool to gently tap the bond with the hair for 2-3 seconds. You will see the bond melt.
    After you see the bond melt, set down your tool and use that hand to roll the bond into the section. Check that the bond is evenly attached with the hair. If it is not, you may tap the bond again and roll again. Be careful not to repeat this procedure too many times on a single bond, A little bit of the polymer is left on the applicator tool with each tap.
    Repeat the procedure around your first section
    To make your next section, measure two fingers width space and follow the same path from the back of the head around the sides. Complete this process until you are satisfied with the fullness or you reach the lowest part of the crown. Do not apply bonds on the top of the head!
    Some client’s may want to add some strands through the front and fringe area. This is acceptable but you need to make sure your client understands that this area of the head is more difficult to conceal with every day wear.

    Blending. Use a razor to cut off any desired length and blend into the client’s natural hair. If you are not proficient with a razor, you may point cut and slide cut but the razor is the best tool for cutting and blending hair extensions.

    Set up your one month follow-up visit and give aftercare instructions.
  1. Wait at least 2 days to wash your new extensions; this gives them time to settle.
  2. Wash with SMOOTHING and/or MOISTURIZING shampoo and condition well, DO NOT use products with Keratin or Protein. They WILL over-proteinize the bonds and essentially dissolve them! NEVER use volumizing products on or near the bonds. Volumizing shampoos and other products cause the hair shaft to expand. This can cause damage to the hair within the bond! It's a TEN! products work really well with the hair, again, do not use any of the keratin added products! We recommend using JOICO Silk Results for daily cleansing and JOICO Moisture Therapy for those that prefer washing their hair only 1-2 times per week.
  3. Never brush or comb hair extensions while wet! Hair is in its most weak state when it is wet. Brushing and combing puts tension on your natural hair, the tension could be too much with the added weight of the extension and could cause you’re your natural hair to pull out or break. Completely dry your hair! Then, you may brush and style it as you wish.
  4. Use a straightener or curling iron for optimal shine and flow. NR Hair extensions respond well to heat styling.
  5. For longer hair extensions, braid through the lower part of the hair or loosely pull the hair back when going to bed. NEVER go to bed with wet hair! It will cause tangling and dreading above the bond.
  6. Check daily for tangling above the bonds. This does not mean an extensive inspection every day, but simply running your fingers gently over the bonds around your head. If you come across some tangles, you may gently pull them apart or shake your fingers across them.
  7. Show up for your monthly maintenance appointments with your stylist!
NR Hair Extensions are easy to remove!

Simply break the bond using the removal plier by crunching several times around the bond using the plier removal tool.

Holding the client's hair above the bond securely, gently pull by the end of the extension hair or on the bond, the bond will detach from the client’s hair.

If it does not pull smoothly, use the plier tool to crunch the bond several more times and pull by the end of the extensi ons hair again.
Some bonds may require more work than others.

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